tiara quiala



Tiara is a results-oriented health educator with an ability to efficiently transform quantitative and qualitative data into financial planning solutions.Tiara is seeking to leverage her strong management skills and expertise to develop financial solutions at a healthcare-focused company.Since 2019 Tiara has both assisted and individually secured $750,000 in grant funds for nonprofit organizations and health-focused community collaboratives.


Public health is Tiara's lifelong passion and health education is her first love. Within health education, she primarily focused on delivering, monitoring, and reporting on evidence-based public health initiatives in school and community-focused settings.

  • Master of Public Health (MPH) | Loyola University Chicago | May 2018 - May 2021

  • Bachelor of Science (BS): Public Health | Southern Illinois University Carbondale | August 2014 - May 2018

Tiara currently lives in Nevada with her husband and three children. In her free time, she enjoys watching TV, reading, & taking family trips to Salt Lake City.


Learning is Tiara's #1 addiction. Finishing her MPH in May 2021, Tiara has gone on to earn 8 various certifications to continue building her many skill sets. In addition to her various certifications, Tiara is experienced in Agile, Excel, Jira, and Confluence.

Tiara's education goals for 2022 are to finish the Google Professional Project Management Certificate and start the #100daysofnocode challenge in October 2022.FULL RESUME

Project Management portfolio

Goal: Increasing access to chronic disease self-management resourcesMy Contribution: Developed & led an 11-county-wide coalition in addition to creating client resource foldersOutcome: Increased access to resources by 90%COMPLETE PRESENTATION

Goal: Develop a new forecasting approach to increase accuracyMy Contribution: Implemented a month-to-month forecast approachOutcome: Increased accuracy and gave potential solutions to current variabilityCOMPLETE PRESENTATION

no-code portfolio

Built on Glide, Tiara created a simple app for tracking thankful moments.The app, Give Thanks, helps you track your daily moments of thanks along with monthly stats to see your past accomplishments.MOBILE APPMAKERPAD CERTIFICATE

Built on Softr with Airtable as the database, Tiara created an upvoting site for nonprofits.The site, called OrgVote, helps nonprofits vote on software and solutions made just for them.FULL WEBSITEMAKERPAD CERTIFICATE

A single sheet grant tracker for nonprofits built manually using Airtable.This grant tracker comes with three different views: Kanban view, grid view, & form view.MAKERPAD CERTIFICATE

Built on Carrd, Tiara created this website for a solopreneur selling bistro-style foods.The solopreneur was taking orders manually and via DMs.Tiara helped streamline the process by creating a simple order page that would send orders directly to the client.FULL WEBSITEMAKERPAD CERTIFICATE

A lead generation resource database built manually using Notion.This provides three different views: list view, table, & board, and is organized by resource type.NOTION DATABASEMAKERPAD CERTIFICATE